I was born in Casablanca in 1972. I live and work in Casablanca, Morocco

Hasnaa 14 bis

I paint contour lines, lines silhouette, blurring the flesh that fills them and melting it with its surroundings. I represent the curves and bends of life. I am interested in the time that I try to slow down, to be aware of every moment and every feeling, and better understand the world in which I live.

I use a natural material for my works namely «Hair», a material that I cherish particularly, in association with my paintings.

I work in closed and vaporous space where I create with wavy hair, silhouettes drunk with life, which play a choreography akin to the curvatures which run athwart my paintings. I narrate imaginary stories with these ephemeral characters to whom I become attached and whom I immortalize by the photography.